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raydon Management knows a lot about building businesses. A serial entrepreneur with over 35 years of experience, owner Andy Graydon Parker has founded, built and sold multiple businesses. He and his team of experts have raised capital, executed business acquisitions, 

closed major deals and solved perplexing business problems.

As a business consultant, Graydon Management specializes in startups and businesses with up to $10 million revenue. Andy and his team can help companies who want to grow, sell, or who are looking to acquire another company.

Because of its ability to envision alternative solutions, Graydon Management serves as one of the consultants for three Small Business Development Centers near Chicago and for the Fox Valley Entrepreneurship Center and is a member of 25N Coworking in Geneva.


While serving as the product marketing manager for Tandem Computers, Inc. (now Hewlett-Packard), Andy Parker was responsible for launching over a dozen new products. During this time, he managed development teams, researched new markets and handled OEM relationships.

His enthusiasm for enterprise computer systems served him well as the vice president of marketing for Infogix, a world leader in information integrity solutions, which detects bad data in systems and networks for the Global 1000. At Infogix, Mr. Parker implemented product life cycle management processes that streamlined the delivery of new products.

As an early devotee to personal computers, Parker founded Far West Systems to develop artificial intelligence systems, including a LISP operating system for the personal computer. While serving as the director of business development with Spyglass, Inc., he played a key role in licensing the Mosaic web browser to Microsoft. Mosaic, the first Internet web browser, ultimately became the basis for Internet Explorer.

The entrepreneurial bug hit Parker more than once. Again, the Internet proved to be his playground when he founded Mercantec, Inc. Mercantec pioneered the first electronic commerce solution commercially available on the Internet, growing to distribution in 13 countries and over 200 Internet service providers. To support its growth, Parker was instrumental in securing over $30 million in investment capital.

More recently, he founded, and serves as CEO of HubTack, Inc. HubTack forever changed the way land surveyors and engineers perform survey research. Parker designed a unique online document distribution system that allows surveyors to access documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from a desktop or mobile platform.

With a degree in computer science and an extensive technology background, it seems logical that Andy Parker would like working with tech firms. Yes, he’s willing and able to work with tech-related businesses, but more importantly, he looks for businesses and people that are fun and exciting to work with. Graydon Management is especially fond of working with companies who want to give back to their communities.

Andy Parker is married, has four daughters, three grandchildren, and a rescued dog, Gonzo. Besides helping business, Andy likes to garden, and takes time to  build handcrafted furniture.

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