The Brewers Emporium is a startup contract/production brewery that plans to grow their business in

the Fox Valley. As they developed their business plan, conceptualizers Rachel Kingsley and Andrew Kingsley learned that instead of brewing up success, they were brewing a recipe for uniformity. The duo first approached the Fox Valley Entrepreneurship Center who aligned them with Graydon Management. Their main problem, so they thought, was that they weren’t familiar with investment options and fundraising. Turns out, this was the tip of the iceberg.

According to the Kingsleys, although they originally sought help with raising capital, working with Andy Parker and Graydon Management was a revelation. “Andy looked at our business as a whole, helped us refine the details, and worked with us to find our business’ personal niche in the marketplace,” they explained. “As we kickoff our first round of fundraising, we’ve seen that the business plan conversations are winning people over with the concept, improving the likeliness for our success.”

“With our new plan and Andy’s assistance, our time to becoming profitable is cut in half!” the Kingsleys praised. The pair rattled off a list of benefits of working with Graydon Management, including giving the startup peace of mind. This gave them the confidence to create a new, more attractive business plan, one that is more in tune with what investors are looking for.

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