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Rebecca Gengler and her company, More Polish Pottery LLC., loved the fact that her business was growing. What she didn’t like was struggling with computer and financial systems that couldn’t do what she needed them to do. According to Gengler, her company was at a crossroads; either keep the status quo, or look for solutions to help save time and money and trigger the next phase of growth. She chose the latter.

Graydon Management began working with More Polish Pottery via an introduction from the Small Business Development Center at Waubonsee Community College. Gengler says that by working with Graydon Management, they are now creating the systems necessary to distribute Polish pottery throughout the country. Utilizing Graydon’s suggestions, they are creating stronger relationships with their business partners and vendors.

“The time spent with Andy Parker and Graydon Management is invaluable,” says Gengler. “With their support, we have created tools and programs that likely will help our business work smarter, not harder, in the future. Looking at challenges now will help us be proactive in the decision-making that leads to a positive outcome.”

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