Maria E .J. Kuhn is the managing partner and one of the founders of Benefit Performance Associates LLC. This women-owned small business is a health-consulting firm that provides a disease

management strategy for the multiple-diseased, chronically ill. When Kuhn took over as managing partner, she decided the firm needed clarity in how they market themselves and sell their product, with the goal of increasing their customer base and improving their work with partners.

Kuhn chose Graydon Management to help her because she saw Andy Parker as someone who could interface well with the talents of her company. According to Kuhn, Graydon Management not only helped with the marketing and sales functions, they worked at every level of the company.

“He helped us create a strategy to take our company financially from red to black,” Kuhn stated. “He gave insight to every member of my team in terms of their strengths and weaknesses, encouraging each of them to do their personal best.” Additionally, the consulting firm developed data management processes that cut the time to execute significantly, allowing Benefit Performance Associates to improve their delivery service to their clients. Kuhn summarized all of Graydon Management’s work with “… served to make us a remarkable company.”

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